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Hola a todos saludos desde Panama tengo problemas de conexion con ATRACK AK1 tengo 9 carros con equipos AK1 se guardan en un sotano y cuando salen se demoran en conectarce a la plataforma casi 1/2 hora hasta 1 hora o mas quisiera saber si alguien le ha pasado lo mismo,conexion de cables,antena gps esta ok,en otros carros que tienen el mismo equipo usan el mismo script pero no se guardan en el sotano trabajan bien
si alguien me pueda ayudar


Atrack AK1

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Hello Marcob,

I am going to translate your message in order for the English community to be able to help you too / Voy a traducir tu mensaje para que la comunidad que habla Inglés también te pueda ayudar.

Marcob has vehicles with the Atrack AK1 device. The vehicles park at an underground parking lot and every time they go  out, the devices take 30-60 minutes for them to connect to the platform.  Cable connection and GPS Antennas all report OK, so I was wondering if this has happened to anyones else? Other vehicles that have the same device and script but don't get packed underground don't have this problem and they work fine. Could anyone be able to help?

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Hi Marcob,

you are experiencing a common problem! You need a much higher  SNR (signal noise ratio) for a moving object than for a not moving object.
If you start your engine in an underground parking lot, the gps receiver starts searching for valid gps just when you are out of the underground. typicaly it should have signal after 45 seconds but as you are moving the gps receiver is not able to get a valid signal of 3 or more gps satelites.

but 30-60 minutes is more than it should.

- check if you use external gps antenna (http://www.atrack.com.tw/products/ak1/ seems to have it).
- check if device does not fall into deep sleep mode (gps receiver switched off). it will delete internal almanac of sattelites. gps receiver should be always powered on!
- check if power of gps tracker is ALWAYS ON (and not switched off when you switch off ignition)
- check if gps antenna is on a location where it has CLEAR view to the sky
- check if you have NO metal on windows!

if i would be you, i would change location of gps tracker to the back of the car and put the antenna below the upper part of the back bumper!

(in general never heard about any serios problems with atrack HW, i am sure that it is a problem of wrong location of gps antenna and/or wrong deep sleep mode / missing power)

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Atrack AK1

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your right wolf, if its configured the same as the others vehicles, I would be looking for the ignition wire for a start.
even connecting to the device with a laptop, setting the atrack to log the GPS to RS232, then driving out of the car park to see what its actually doing. this will show satelite aquisition and number it sees etc.