Any good GPS-Tracker for the Gurtam Mars Projekt available?

Topic: Any good GPS-Tracker for the Gurtam Mars Projekt available?

Hi Guys (and Ladies)

after the decision to build the "GURTAM" (Gps-Universal-Rover-Tracker-Advanced-Marsproject) at the 2014 Telematics / Minsk i thought we can collect some base data and possible technical solutions.

There are currently no plans by GURTAM to place a full GPS system around Mars. It is possible to use GPS in a local area using small ground-based GPS transmitters called pseudolites (pseudo-satellites). A disadvantage with this approach is that all previous work with pseudolites required that the pseudolite locations be known to centimeter-level accuracy. This is unlikely when placing the devices on another planet.

So a technical idea could be the following:
To solve this problem, we could together develop a new GPS navigation system called a Self-Calibrating Pseudolite Array (SCPA). This array consists of several GPS pseudolites and receivers communicating amongst themselves using GPS signals. This allows the pseudolites to determine their own position relative to the each other with centimeter-level accuracy. Once the positions are accurately known, any vehicle can navigate within the array as it would with conventional pseudolites.

Any good GPS-Tracker for the Gurtam Mars Projekt available?

Research Focus:

The GPS work could be done at GMOHDC (Gurtam Minsk Office Head Development Center) and would be a larger effort to improve rover navigaiton technologies. GalileoSky Research Center (Perm) is continuing to develop the visual servoing technologies used on Glonassova-Mission, while the members of AT(rack) University (Taipei)  trying to  develop a landmark-based navigation system and an improved star-tracking reference database. These and other technologies could then be combined to develop a superior integrated navigation system for future rover missions.

Any comments? Ideas?


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