Unit creator name

Topic: Unit creator name

Hi, I am trying to find unit creator name + some other info for units.
If I run update_data_flags with flag = 105, I get unit creator ID

wialonurlfix + "/ajax.html?svc=core/update_data_flags&sid=" + eID +
               "&params={" +
                   "\"spec\":[" +
                   "{" +
                       "\"type\":\"type\"," +
                       "\"data\":\"avl_unit\"," +
                       "\"flags\":0x00000105," +
                        "\"mode\":0" +               
                   "}" +
                   "]" +

The problem is that I cant match the ID of the creator with none of the users IDs below when I search them like:


In other words, I know my unit creator ID, how should I find creator name?

Thanks !


Unit creator name

Re: Unit creator name

You're doing everything alright

Note, that current user not included in core/search_items result

Try to use core/search_item instead

If no result - you havent rights to creator and cant get its name


Unit creator name

Re: Unit creator name

right into the bulls eye smile thanks !  core/search_item did what I needed


Unit creator name

Re: Unit creator name


thanks for helping so fast.


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