Fuel level sensors and fuel flow sensors from Mechatronica

Topic: Fuel level sensors and fuel flow sensors from Mechatronica

JSC “Mechatronica” was founded in 2013 by experienced team (more than 10 years of automotive telematics and sensors design) willing to develop new generation of fuel level sensors and flow level sensors.   Much have been done during this year. New fuel level sensors Eurosens Dominator, fuel flow sensors Eurosens Direct and Eurosens Delta are available for order. These devices have individuality and can satisfy customers with quality, features and design. We want our devices to be on same level as Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, MAN etc.
We are looking for cooperation with partners.

Fuel level sensors Eurosens Dominator
Dominator AF has voltage-frequency output, Dominator RS – has interfaces RS232/RS485. In both models type of interface can be changed via configuration software.

No sence to say  much about technical parameters – they are typical. We can say that sensors have high precision and sensitivity but since it depends from object, operation mode, quality of installation and calibration – we will not do it here.
Let’s say what is meaningful differencies from existing products on market

1.    Modular design. You can get any length you need from several electrodes. Electrodes can be easily disassembled and cleaned.

Fuel level sensors and fuel flow sensors from Mechatronica

2.    Head of sensor can be detached. It simplify a process of “hot” replacing of sensor, when needed. Also it gives us advantage of repeatability – after head replacing sensor properties still almost same. That means after “hot” replace you can use old data of calibration of sensor and tank for use with new head. So, process is simplified and “hot” replace can be done even by your customer  in 3 minutes (byonete mounting don’t require any tool).
3.    All connections and wiring can be sealed.
4.    Robust automotive connector.
5.    Strong protection of electronic. Sensor can defend from 170V supply voltage.
6.    Electric isolation of electrodes from power supply
7.    Attractive design (from our point of view)
8.    5 years warranty

Fuel flow sensors Eurosens Direct, Eurosens Delta

It is further development of well-known rotary-piston fuel flowmeters from Aquametro and Technoton. We think we can provide quality of Aquametro with the pricetag of Technoton.
Main fuel flowmeter parameters are shown in table. Single-channel flowmeters are called Direct, differential flowmeters– Delta.
Fuel level sensors and fuel flow sensors from Mechatronica

Flowmeters are made of hard and wear-resistant alloy with a complete absence of pores and internal defects.
Draw attention to the flowmeters Delta 500PN - good solution for heavy-duty diesel engines (350-500 hp), for which no solutions were existed previously (for a reasonable price).

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