Tachograph visualization at Wialon

Topic: Tachograph visualization at Wialon


More and more customers are asking for service where we can provide messages from digital tachographs. Mission is possible an messages are coming to Wialon. The question is: Could messages from tachograph be visualized as tachograph's symbols? More companies are willing to have this.

All this information is available in CAN-FMS message FE6C. Page 15 from the newest FMS-Standard document
(http://www.fms-standard.com/Truck/down_ … 9_2012.pdf)

Attached is picture how this is realized in competition. (Frotcom). Please advice if this could happen in near future in Wialon - it will collect a lot of new customers,

If you need more information, please let me know,

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Daniel Kitin