Postman collection for Wialon Remote API

Topic: Postman collection for Wialon Remote API

Dear Wialon users,

We are glad to inform you that we've prepared Postman collection for Wialon Remote API.
This collection contains basic requests that may help to test API requests.

We've also added the following features:
Errors processing and additional tips with result descriptions for some of the requests, that you may see in the Postman console.
Variables for session ID and base URL, so these values will be written into the variables after login request execution, and you don't have to copy/past them through all requests.

The collection is available here -- https://www.postman.com/wialon/workspac … df37f0fb7f

It will be very valuable for us if you could share your feedback on this collection and your thoughts on the possible improvements.

Anton Zinovyev
Technical Care Engineer (L2)