Topic: Geofence

I am working on Wialon API calls related to Geofence interactions. I need following information via API calls:
           1) Time in: The time when the unit entered the geofence.
           2) Time out: The time when the unit left the geofence.
I have gone though Wialon SDK and found some methods related to geofence(resource/get_zone_data, resource/get_zones_by_point). But I believe none of these methods will gives the value for parameters - time in and time out. I also found that, these parameter's value can be found from the report. But based on the nature of our project, generating those values from always running an report is not an effective way. So I need to use a method from Wialon SDK which provides values for these parameters. Could you please help me with this?



Re: Geofence

jisnajoby03 hello, in order to get information about the unit visit or leave geofence, you need to use reports with Geofences table type. Then you need to get system ID of the resource where the report is created, report template ID and unit ID with search_items request. Based on the received data, you can execute the report and get required data.
Here you can find the example and description of the steps for report execution -- https://wialon-help.link/10d4d3fd

Anton Zinovyev
Technical Care Engineer (L2)