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Topic: Speed Limits for Geofences

Would it be possible to add speed limits to geofences?  That can then be referenced in notifications?

We receive a shape file containing many(3438 at last import) geofences(gf) from an organisation called SaferTogether that works with many heavy industry companies.  The gf's relate to work areas and define speed limits that override road speed limits, or define limits for off road areas ,requirements for 4x4 to be engaged, seatbelts be worn. eg: road works, mine sites, damaged areas.

The shape file is updated periodically and sent to us be refreshed.  Gf's could be modified in shape, or have their speed limits changed in each update. In our pre Wialon system, I would clear all the zones, and then import them fresh, and the speed limits associated would come through.  I can convert the shape file to a kml file using ogr2ogr without issue, however the extended data seems to be discarded when imported into Wialon.  The speed limits are present in the kml as seen in the placemark sample below:

    <name>Carslea Property Rd</name>
    <ExtendedData><SchemaData schemaUrl="#SaferTogetherSpeedZones_Ver42">
        <SimpleData name="ColourOnMa">Pink</SimpleData>
        <SimpleData name="SpeedMix">60</SimpleData>
        <SimpleData name="Surface">Unsealed</SimpleData>
        <SimpleData name="Source">Santos</SimpleData>
        <SimpleData name="Reference">Carslea Property Rd_60_V001_MSPZ0009847</SimpleData>
        <SimpleData name="UID">MSPZ0009847</SimpleData>
        <SimpleData name="Version">V042</SimpleData>
        <SimpleData name="Name_Speed">Carslea Property Rd (60kph)</SimpleData>
        <SimpleData name="NodePtCoun">13</SimpleData>
        <SimpleData name="Modified_D">2020/08/24</SimpleData>
        <SimpleData name="Shape_Leng">0.00397832739</SimpleData>
        <SimpleData name="Shape_Area">0.00000090549</SimpleData>
        <SimpleData name="GISUID">V008_1</SimpleData>
      <Polygon><outerBoundaryIs><LinearRing><coordinates>148.851272725,-26.59091953 148.849980535,-26.59122173 148.850149,-26.590970001 148.850488,-26.590293001 148.850626,-26.590177001 148.850801,-26.590115001 148.850989,-26.590115001 148.851109,-26.590150001 148.851262,-26.590249001 148.851336,-26.590340001 148.851394,-26.590501001 148.851394,-26.590613001 148.851272725,-26.59091953</coordinates></LinearRing></outerBoundaryIs></Polygon>

There are a few fields in the ExtendedData I'd like to use - the ColourOnMa, and Surface, but the SpeedMix is the one that matters.  I need to setup notifications for speeding.  The end goal would be defining a speeding rule for geofences (or a geofence group) that references a max speed value intrinsic to the geofence.

Workarounds would be a way to delete and create 3k+ notifications without losing their link to their speed, after importing the kml.

After converting the kml file to kmz, it is too large to attach to this post, but contact me and I can send the shape zip or the kmz.

Developer at FleetLogix Pty Ltd, Australia

Speed Limits for Geofences

Re: Speed Limits for Geofences

Hi Luke,

If you will need an Automatic Speed Limiter which limits the vehicle speed using Road Speed Data or custom Geofences, just send me a message by email: giorgi@voovoo.eu