Any input and insights

Topic: Any input and insights

Hello, everyone, I'm aware that the company associated with these devices, identified by their logos, is Roadmio. However, the entire team responsible for the GPS project from Roadmio has departed from the company. Now, my customer, who is taking over, lacks information about the manufacturer and related protocols needed for us to attempt integration with Wialon. Wialon's customer support recommended that we reach out to the forum to check if anyone can identify the manufacturer, enabling us to establish direct contact. Your input and insights would be greatly appreciated!


Any input and insights

Re: Any input and insights

Hello @AlexPeter found in my device db similar device that was marked by me as "perspective" in 2019, so if you talk about OBD style devices like this one
Any input and insights
this Taiwanese company/startup not exist anymore, device was made by Qiqi Technology Co., Ltd. distribution was from Nomi Technology Co., Ltd. also there no any ability to connect this devices to wialon in current situation, where device developers not available. But you can create "almost same" solution with any OBD tracker + wialon or flespi + custom app or use similar niche products, for example like "Element" from Russia https://smartdriving.io/en/

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