Affordable Wialon Hosting/Wialon Local and Integration Solutions

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Topic: Affordable Wialon Hosting/Wialon Local and Integration Solutions

Dear Colleagues,

We can offer budget-friendly Wialon Hosting or Wialon Local installed on any server of your choice, including Astra Linux OS.
We offer special prices for any integration development. Our team of developers specializes in Python, Flutter, and PHP. For pilot projects based on customer requirements, we can allocate up to 50 development hours from our own budget, free of charge for integrators.

We can quickly develop Android/iOS applications, including monitoring apps, at a very affordable budget with further maintenance and support.
As a bonus to the Wialon monitoring contract, we provide a Postman requests library for integrating Wialon into any application, free of charge.

We offer VPS and dedicated servers for Wialon Local setup at special prices.
We can install Wialon Local in our infrastructure and manage it for you at a reasonable price.
All Wialon services come with free Zabbix monitoring.

We provide technical support for all our products and services, including high-level SLA terms.
If there's anything else you need, please let me know!

Best regards,
Azat Abdrashitov | Geoservice manager
Telegram: https://t.me/a_abdrashitov
WEB: https://geoservice24.com/