Tracks Quick Summary question

Topic: Tracks Quick Summary question


I tried searching the forums but didn't find the answer.
I know that the picture has tracks from two different days, but I didn't find any examples quickly.
For example: If a client has a truck driving between different spots on the same day and needs to get the mileage between the trips quickly, is there a way to quickly get that without manually adding them using a calculator or searching the exact time of the stops.
I hope I made sense and all help is very appreciated! smile

  • Tracks Quick Summary question

Tracks Quick Summary question

Re: Tracks Quick Summary question

siim.kuriks hello. If these are the trips shown on your screenshot, then first of all you need to determine the reason why the trips ended in one place and next trips starts from the different point. Presumably, Trip Detector settings should be checked and reconfigured.

As for the mileage between, then you can operate with the Final mileage in the previous trip and Initial in the current. This information can be checked in the Trips table type

For further details and investigation of your task specifically, please, send an email with the example to support@gurtam.com

Anton Zinovyev
Technical Care Engineer (L2)