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Hello guys.

I would like to make an app with flutter and wialon does anyone have any idea how to do it.


application development

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Hi, I think creating an app with Flutter and Wialon shouldn't be difficult.  I'd use the Wialon API to access the data and functionality provided by Wialon in your Flutter app. The following algorithm should work in your case: 1. Set up requirements in IDE and create a Flutter Project. 2. Add additional configuration (packages for making HTTP requests and handling JSON data). 3. Authenticate with Wialon and set up API requests. 5. Parse these API responses (also display the data you get in your app). If your app is more complicated, I advise you to read this article https://solveit.dev/blog/why-choose-flutter about choosing flutter for app development. Remember also to refer to the Wialon API documentation for detailed information on how to authenticate and make requests specific to your use case.