Sensors in heatmap reports

Topic: Sensors in heatmap reports

Any chance Gurtam can work on adding Sensors to the heat map section of reports? I am also working on a similar project, in this case, I am automating a monthly report to different roles within an organization, for example:

Director: Monthly report via Email with and asset utilization report
Maintenance: Weekly report via Email with engine hours and units near maintenance schedule

Where I´m lacking useful information is in the traffic and security departments:

Traffic + Security: I want to automate the following reports:
1) Heatmap of all routes driven within a month where no cell phone signal is available.
2) Heatmap of all routes driven within a month where jammer was detected.

With these two reports, both the traffic and security departments can keep updating their procedures in "high danger" areas with no cell phone + jammer detected.

Some of the things we have helped my customers with, is create geofences where no cell phone signal is available + 10Km and have the tracker send a notification when a unit is entering a zone without cellphone signal. This helps the monitoring department to have increased awareness and prepare themselves with security procedures in case of an event where no signal is available of areas with jammers.

I have been able to create a map with areas where no signal or jammer was detected, but have only been able to do this through  "Tracks" and establishing a sensor to graph tracks, but unfortunately areas with where jammer are detected are so small that it´s impossible to see unless I zoom in to the map....This is where heat maps are super useful

I hope this idea is helpful.



Sensors in heatmap reports

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Gurtam team, should I move this thread to the "Request Development" section of the forum?