"Hot Spots" Feature Request

Topic: "Hot Spots" Feature Request

The Hot Spots feature would allow users to choose a unit or group of units, then pick a landmark, point of interest, or define an address either by clicking or inputting an address manually. From there, they can generate a list of the closest units and create a route for those units to follow. It would also allow users to select a unit, define a duration period, and then define a stop duration. Then, they can run this as a report and indicate areas that they visit often with the amount of times visited and the amount of time spent in the area without needing to create a geofence.

Currently, we are using trips and stops reports in an attempt to replicate this feature, but we are limited to needing the use of Geofences.

To better describe the solution, you can see a video of how the feature is currently implemented in a competing platform:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/o69diydtfddfc … g.mp4?dl=0

This feature would be useful for all end users who are interested in seeing location trends for their GPS units. This feature is specifically being requested by MiFleet and MiFleet's partner, BTracking.