Add "Copy" Button! on cms

Topic: Add "Copy" Button! on cms

Hi Guys,

we are using more and more tablet devices for working with CMS. If mobile (Installer) or on Testing etc. a Tablet is very practical (small, lomng working time etc).
With modern Tablets the usage of cms.wialon.com is fine EXEPT one point which we all hate very much: there is no control+click available on IOS devices.
I think it would be a simple task to have somewhere a button user can click to copy a device. (maybe at the end or the beginning, maybe configurable to enable this button or disable, up to your UX/GUI designers).

Thanks a lot for comments

  • Add "Copy" Button! on cms
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Add "Copy" Button! on cms

Re: Add "Copy" Button! on cms

Dear wwbusch aka Buwo,

Thank you for you proposal. I have added it to the list of improvements in the future. However, we do not have plans at the moment of implementing such feature. If anything changes - I will notify you additionally.

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