%Driver% returned on buffered reports.

Topic: %Driver% returned on buffered reports.

We encounter messages being returned as %driver% particularly on buffered reports which alter the unit's current status, especially the Driver ID binding. If a buffered report first returns an event with no driver (pre-driver login event) while there is already a driver who logged in and registered by the system, the alert will show %driver%. While looking in the messages tab, the log-in and log-out events are chronologically arranged even when data is buffered. Isn't it more viable to use the data to be taken from the "Message" or the data from “Message” be the same as per the report/current status of the device?


%Driver% returned on buffered reports.

Re: %Driver% returned on buffered reports.


Unfortunately I don't fully understand your question. Please clarify it with more details.
What is "buffered reports"? Maybe you can add some screenshot to explain what inconsistencies you face.

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