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Topic: Report on Logistics

Is it possible to make other reports appear in Logistics, in the "Report type" tab?

Currently, there are only 4 reports available:
-Vehicle report
-Driver report
-Vehicle Group Report
-Driver Group Report

We would like to have a custom report, for example a filtered report on departure or arrival warehouses.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Report on Logistics

Re: Report on Logistics

Hello kevin.fontaine!

At the moment, there is no way to execute custom reports in the app, including for a warehouse.
However, we are analyzing the possibility of adding new types of reports, for example, a report on departure warehouse. This type of report will display routes that were departed from a certain warehouse during the selected interval.

Will this functionality solve your problem?

Thank you in advance!

Anton Voitenko,
Wialon Logistics Product Manager, Gurtam

Report on Logistics

Re: Report on Logistics


Thank you for your feedback,

We would like to have either a report of all vehicles leaving the departure warehouse, with the columns vehicles / drivers / comments ...

Thank you.