available history for deactivated units

Topic: available history for deactivated units

Situation: customer needs to see the history for deactivated units, at least for the period in the billing plan, until the time the device was halted.

This option is offered by most gps tracking service providers.

Example of usefull case: unit is deactivated on the 01 July 2021. On the 3rd of July the customer receives a notification from the police about a speeding infringement on 12 June 2021. He wants to check in a report the trips and speed of that unit in that period, but he can't see the unit because it is deactivated. He has to call us, we must reactivate the unit so that he can run the report, then deactivate the unit once again. A little time consuming, right?

From my point of view, deactivated units should also appear in the tracking platform, blurred or in a sepparate group, even if they won't receive data. But, to have the possibility to use them in reports for the last history period specified in the billing plan, until the time of deactivation.

I think you could also analyze this case.


available history for deactivated units

Re: available history for deactivated units

Dear florin1,

Thank you for sharing your problem with us. I see the problem you and your customers face and I can only imagine how tough it is for you to enable the units by request and then deactivate them again.

However, the point of the deactivation was to disable units for a long period of time. This functionality is not focused on short-term deactivation. This is not "turn the vehicle on-off" functionality.

As fas as I can see the core problem here is that your customer does not want to see the unit in the Monitoring tab, while still have access to its data. I could suggest removing unit from the Monitoring tab, but keeping it as active unit in the Units tab.

Maryia Paklonskaya
Wialon Business Analyst

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