Register event for commands

Topic: Register event for commands

We have a new security solution that allows for the telematics unit to keep an output active and change its reporting rate if there is an alarm trigger. This output remains active with the increased reporting rate until there is a command sent to the unit to acknowledge that alarm.
We use notifications to register an event for the trigger of the alarm and custom events to detail the action taken and if it was a false alarm.
We use the events report to show the history of the alarm trigger and custom events, but we can not create an event that shows in the report what user sent the command and at what time.
The current method is to use two reports; events and commands, but we feel this could be simpler to do in the one events report.

If there was an option to register an event when a command is sent, either as part of the command properties or as an option to trigger a notification (which already has the option to register as an event).
What I see is that this idea and issue extends to many Wialon users and technical solutions as commands give users the ability to carry out actions that can change the unit properties, change outputs, and tasks that could be at the importance level of an event.


Register event for commands

Re: Register event for commands

Hello, Alasdair Graham!

Thank you for your request! Its sense is completely clear to me.

At the current moment in Wialon, command execution is not an event, therefore information about their launch is not reflected in the Events table.
I can say that for the first time we receive a request to display information about commands in the table with events. There really is a sense for your specific case in such an implementation, but this is a very special case (as you can see, none of the partners supported your idea). Since now your case is completely covered by the current functionality (although this may not always be convenient). In addition, after executing the command, you can register a custom event manually (I assume that not a very large number of commands are executed per day), then in the report, it will be possible to get the information you need in one report. You can also use the SDK and generate reports in the form that is required specifically for you and your users. Therefore, it is definitely not worth waiting for such an implementation.

However, I will add your request to the list of product development suggestions. We have an idea to implement a report constructor that will allow collecting data about different events from different tables, so we can consider your proposal as well.

I would also like to receive feedback from other partners to understand the value of the request.

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Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon

Register event for commands

Re: Register event for commands

Hello Mana,

Thank you for replying, and I understand what you say.
The report constructor does sound like a good development option also.