Minimum Digits for Unit Name

Topic: Minimum Digits for Unit Name

We have some customers in the transportation industry that have only 2-3 digit numbers for their trucks or assets.  Currently in Wialon hosting you must have a minimum of 4 characters for a unit name.  The way they work around this now is to add characters such as 0s or # or . at the beginning or end of their unit name.  Such workarounds are not preferred by customers because they have their trucks named this way in other systems they may use and it makes it inconsistent. 

I would estimate we have over 3,000 units across many accounts that we've had to use some workaround for to enter the unit name.  I understand the reasoning is probably to avoid duplicate unit names in the system and the customer is usually okay when I explain it to them, but nonetheless they asked me for a feature request to decrease the minimum characters for the unit name to 2 or 3 characters.


Minimum Digits for Unit Name

Re: Minimum Digits for Unit Name

Dear chrissie,

Thank you for your request and for such detailed explanation of the problem you are facing.

We have received similar requests and have ticket to find a solution to that problem in the backlog. We will do our best to improve the unit naming.

One more thing about units' names we have also noticed that units are usually named after the type of the vehicle, the brand, the color of the vehicle and other Profile fields. Do you see that among vehicles of your customers?

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