usefull restoring of deleted accounts

Topic: usefull restoring of deleted accounts

Hi Guys,

i would like to have a full restore of deleted accounts, not only ressources / users that after restore are bind to top account / units etc.


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usefull restoring of deleted accounts

Re: usefull restoring of deleted accounts

Hello partners and GT,
A problem I've faced many times is that when I delete a unit, when I restore the unit it isn't restored to the same account, I think that this should be improved too.

Fernando Brochetto
Technical Support, Rastreasul


usefull restoring of deleted accounts

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Re: usefull restoring of deleted accounts


I agree with wwbusch aka Buwo that the way that Wialon restore objects is not useful now.

I have some Ideas about objects restoration:

1. Accounts: for restoring accounts we expect a full restoration, means all objects inside and related to the account should be restored with their relations. As an example we expect when we restore an account not only system reserves same service hierarchy and structure but also applies same relations, for example if we have used some Units in some notifications we except that after restoration the notification be ready to use and knows which Units are relates to. I understand that Wialon keeps objects based on their IDs and also relates them by IDs. If you can reproduce same service structure while restoring items (even with new IDs you assign to them while restoring them) then the problem will be solved and we can say that such kind of restoration is useful.

2. Units: for restoring units at least the system can ask to which account restored units should be created. This will be so useful.

I could only think about these two objects of system. But, if you can implement what I have said about accounts then we can say that Wialon has a revolution in Restoration (and even Importing) objects which can help all partners.


usefull restoring of deleted accounts

Re: usefull restoring of deleted accounts

Hi, Wolf, Hamed, Fernando! wwbusch aka Buwo hhamedk
It is an interesting topic that you raised.

Currently the Wialon architecture is organized in such a way that account, resource and unit are all different elements that are only bound to each other via some "links" that are determined when the elements are created and when the access rights between the elements are granted. Which is opposite to having an account that stores units, resources and other elements inside it. This implementation explains why upon deletion an account is broken into resources and units that have to be restored separately from each other.

Changing this core logic is possible (everything is possible smile), but I would say that restoring of accounts is a functionality that is not primary for GPS-monitoring platforms and thus changing something that is so deep in the core does not seem to be worth it. Here I also have doubts that the cases when our clients restore accounts are often ones. Wolf wwbusch aka Buwo, could you please share your thoughts here? What is the scenario when you fully delete an account and then need to restore it?

There is also another side of easy and quick restoring of accounts that I would like to pay your attention to. If the process is more convenient than it is now it can become a ground for misusage for those partners that pay for Wialon by a number of current active units (easy to delete account with all its units and then restore it after we have gathered statistics that we use for presenting invoices). I hope it won't happen, but the risk is here.

If I am to think of a level down of the issue of accounts restoring, then yes, there is a problem that upon restoring a unit it goes under a top account. Previously there was no chance to know from what account it was actually deleted, now we have these data. We will analyze the real need for such an implementation vs the complexity of development and decide whether we will develop it. Here the chances are higher than in global change of how restoring works.

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam

usefull restoring of deleted accounts

Re: usefull restoring of deleted accounts

Hi mars

Thank you for your detailed answer first.
We know the way Wialon architecture. What I have offered is to write the relations between different objects in exported file when we export or delete an account. This way, you can reproduce same relations when you import or restore the objects. No need to change the architecture, just few more lines in exported file (or in deleted object in trash) for storing the relations. You just need to fetch all relations of each object you want export/delete.

What you think?


usefull restoring of deleted accounts

Re: usefull restoring of deleted accounts

hhamedk wrote:

when we export or delete an account.

But there is no way to export whole accounts now, is there?

In regards to fetching the relations of a deleted unit, as I said, there is now an ability to figure out what was the account of a unit prior to deletion and we might implement restoring units to the necessary account if we understand that risks that I mentioned in the post above are not important.

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam