User Experience Issue with Wialon Mobile App

Topic: User Experience Issue with Wialon Mobile App

Hello Wialon Mobile Team,

We are seeing following issues in the latest version 2.11.2807 of the white labelled app.

ISSUE 1. When the user login for the first time on the mobile phone, it does not automatically lists devices on Monitoring page and shows “List of objects is empty”. This causes trouble with every new user because user then has to search the document or call customer service to find to how get device listed here. The app should by-default list all the device here to avoid the trouble on first launch and improve the user experience.

ISSUE 2. The unit icon and unit names does not show up on the Map, only a Red square shows up. First time user has to first figure out what is the problem by reading document and calling customer care and then enable Unit icons and Unit names open from setting to get it working. The the mobile app should provide better user experience without much user interactions and explorations.  The app should by-default have these opens enabled improve the user experience.

Please help fixing these issue in the app.

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User Experience Issue with Wialon Mobile App

Re: User Experience Issue with Wialon Mobile App

Hello, thank you for your feedback. We will think about how we can improve this