Electric Vehicles

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Topic: Electric Vehicles

We need to provide meaningful information about monitoring and reporting electric vehicles. This should cover Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV's) as well a well as Plug In Hybrid Vehicles. Main issues are that user unit profile doesnt provide for energy in kWh and monitoring of a mixed Diesel Petrol and EV,s is difficult.
Apart from all standard Wialon features we need to ascertain how we will monitor the following:
State of Charge of Traction Battery (SOC)
Remaining Autonomy
Charging Events
Energy Consumed in kWh
Energy Purchased in kWH
Cost per Trip  in kWH with ability to insert Price
Ambient Temperature
If available State of Battery Health (SOH) should also monitored.
For Plug-in Hybrids we need to provide both fuel and energy consumption with an optimisation calculation.

Reporting for charging should enable energy consumed and purchased per vehicle.and from each suppler (charging point)
POI with geofences at charging points should enable reporting on charging events etc

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Electric Vehicles

Re: Electric Vehicles

Dear djephcott,

Thank you for such detailed and useful request! I fully agree with you that the electric vehicles should be properly monitored in the Wialon. We are currently analyzing the parameters we should add to the electric vehicles' profiles.

As far as I understand the difference between the Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV's) and Plug In Hybrid Vehicles is that the first ones are pure Electric vehicles, while latter are Hybrids mixing electric fuel and diesel\gasoline\gas, is that correct?

We are currently working on providing the unified library of the fuel types in the "Fuel type" field, which will help us to apply the option "Electric" to the EVs and based on that the parameters of the EV will be added to the monitoring and reports.

I have written down some comments, could you please answer questions stated below?

  • State of Charge of Traction Battery (SOC) - do you want it to be displayed on the monitoring panel by default? Does it needed to be added to the reports? Could the State of Charge depend on several batteries?
    I also want to mention, that battery level could be added to the monitoring with current functionality. You have to add "Battery" to the Monitoring panel and then in the Advanced setting of the unit - connect proper sensor to the "Battery". Thus the battery level will be displayed in the monitoring
  • Remaining Autonomy - usually it is calculated by the vehicle's software, is that correct? Why is it important for you to monitor it in the system? I would assume that such info is more important for the driver than in the Monitoring. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  • Charging Events - I think that it should be the full alternative of the Fuel Filling events, right? Should be added to the reports, charts, tracks etc?
  • Energy Consumed in kWh - is that is the same as fuel consumed from battery during the trips, right?
  • Energy Purchased in kWH - do you mean by that definition how many energy was consumed in order to charge the battery?
  • Cost per Trip in kWH with ability to insert Price - this is not linked with Electric Vehicles, in my opinion. This could be spread on any unit in the Wialon. I mean, the cost of trips based on prices of the fuel which you want to be inserted by the users.
  • Ambient Temperature - could be added as custom sensor with current functionality as well. But you want to have this information stored so that the reports could be run on that too, right?
  • State of Battery Health (SOH) - pretty important info to have, I suppose. But it also depends whether the battery could export information like that to us.
  • For Plug-in Hybrids we need to provide both fuel and energy consumption with an optimization calculation. - that one is pretty clear.

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