GPS Jammer Detector

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Topic: GPS Jammer Detector

GPS Jammers are used by criminals in the cases of robbery or hijack and by drivers when they are involved in the theft of transported load or vehicle / inappropriate use of corporate fleet.
The price effective and small size XMD- 2 Detector of GPS Jammer connected to the GPS vehicle monitoring system send the notification about the jamming GPS signal and last valid coordinates, that will help to react in time and enhance safety of drivers,vehicles and loads.
Suitable for covert installation and easy to integration into the existing GPS tracking system.
Available on stock in Estonia since the middle of August 2020
Product details: http://xmetra.com/wp-content/uploads/EN … eaflrt.pdf
Contact us to: info@xmetra.com

  • GPS Jammer Detector

GPS Jammer Detector

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The  XMD-2 Detector of GPS Jammer is 100% LEGAL worldwide.