Format of Reports: Decimal/Undetailed

Topic: Format of Reports: Decimal/Undetailed

The format of exported reports it is not suitable when you have to manipulate in excel table. We have a client that uses the durations of services a lot, but can't use what he exports without rewriting to another excel file. He spends a lot of time for something Fleetrun could easily do.

What he needs is to have the units name, services count and duration of services in decimals, in one line, so reports would be "undetailed".
So for make the reports be more manipulable, Fleetrun should have options to generate reports undetailed and in decimals.

Will be able to use data collected in Fleetrun easily.

  • Format of Reports: Decimal/Undetailed
  • Format of Reports: Decimal/Undetailed
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