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Topic: parameters report


it may be a weird request, but can you add a report that shows all the parameters being sent by the device, just like the raw data.

if you wonder why do i need it,

for me it help to know which device is configured wrong

lets say i have 100 unit and the of them configured to send basic stuff, when i execute the report if i saw an activated out or an i button code, i will know that this unit is configured wrong.

it may also be used for something else for other partners when they use it


parameters report

Re: parameters report

Hello hasan.ahmed,

your request is really a little weird smile
The device sends binary data, which is then processed according to the relevant protocols. If the device sends data that we cannot parse according to existing protocols (for example, there are new protocols that we still don’t know about, or the data comes in an incorrect format), then we cut them off and do not register. Then the data that was parsed by the protocol is displayed in the Messages Tracing table and Messages panel. This is the initial(raw) data.
Is this data suitable for you? Or do you mean something else?

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon