GLONASS day number rollover

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Topic: GLONASS day number rollover

We, JSC Teltonika, Saltoniskiu st. 9B-1, LT-08105, Vilnius, Lithuania, would like to inform that all tracking devices which use GLONASS satellite system was affected by day number rollover. GLONASS satellite system day number count starting from 1 and go up to 1461, within a four-year plan. After number 1461 is reached counter reset to 1. This happened at 21:00 UTC 31st of December and it caused actual outages.

Due to the fact that most Teltonika tracking devices is configured to use GPS and GLONASS systems, tracking devices did not stop receiving GNSS position, but users could notice that GNSS satellites count dropped and it led to less precise vehicle tracking.

We would like to declare that JSC Teltonika was not informed by GLONASS and GNSS chip provider about day number rollover event, so we could not inform our customers to prevent this issue.

We want to confirm that device restart solving this issue. We recommend to affected devices send SMS or GPRS command „cpureset“.

SMS: [login] [pass] cpureset

SMS without password: [space][space]cpureset

GPRS command: cpureset

We also would like to note that GLONASS day number rollover affected not only Teltonika tracking devices, but also other providers tracking devices and other products which use GLONASS system.

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