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Topic: Report - tables change

Hi all,

I am facing another problem.
Normally, I execute via API my own report - which contains 3 tables.
Now, I fetch this data regularly, for instance, every 10 minutes.
I expect "table1" contains fuel filling, "table2" be the trips, etc.

But I found a problem.
Sometimes there are 3 tables, but only 1 table appear at a time due to no data (that is correct).
Then my code concludes in fault, there are no 3 tables anymore, but only one table and the whole import is not working as it should.

Is there a way, how to secure, that the report will execute those 3 tables no matter if the table is blank?

Otherwise, I would need to create several separate reports for each one table.

Thanks for the reply


Report - tables change

Re: Report - tables change


server executes all tables in report.
if there is not data for some table , for example no detected trips, the report result only can return head row in JSON result.

Diana Cheley
Wialon Hosting Expert