Import Empty WLP File

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Topic: Import Empty WLP File

Hello There,

when we create a new account we add all the necessary commands to the first unit and then make a copy from it, a commands like turn off and on the car, immobilizer scenario.... etc.

at the end we need to delete the commands from all of the units, lets say that there is a 50 unit.

before i used ti import a empty WLP and select replace instead of mearge and select all 50 units, this way all commands are deleted.

after the last update this feature dosent exists anymore and i have to delete all commands one by one manually.

could you bring back this feature?


Import Empty WLP File

Re: Import Empty WLP File


the empty fields from WLP files are not showing now. But we plan to return this feature, so it will be possible to import all fields even empty by mode Replace.

Diana Cheley
Wialon Hosting Expert

Import Empty WLP File

Re: Import Empty WLP File

Thank you