Driver Based Notifications

Topic: Driver Based Notifications

I would like to inquire about the possibility or future plan to extend notifications beyond only units. Since targeted customers are of different types one thing common is that "Unit" is not always the main figure for customers.

Currently in my case multiple fleet operators are asking about notifications related to "Drivers", one of the functionalities is monitoring working hours, driver rests and overall the hours worked by drivers in real-time and not in the method of reporting.

In the case of logistic companies, they want to be aware of drivers who are not resting and want the dispatchers notified to avoid accidents happening.


Driver Based Notifications

Re: Driver Based Notifications

Thank you for proposal. We will note it.

This request I'd divide into two parts: adding driver-based notifications and new notification type for monitoring working hours, driver rests, that is also may be actual for units, as units are those elements who have primary information from devices.

We have information about Driver activity now that is built on AETR rules. Do you also work with this rules?

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam