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Topic: Report installed base

Hi everyone,

I wonder if it was possible to add a new report table about the installed base of the customer.

At this time, we need to print this report from the CMS, and every month, we must print the report for one of our big customer, with details agency per agency.

If this report was available in wialon hosting tables, it would be great because customer could print the report himself.

Details of the report should be : IMEI, ID Unit, Creation date, Groups, Custom fields in principal.

Thank you for your attention,



Report installed base

Re: Report installed base

Dear Xavier,

As I understand, you have all this information, but the customer doesn't have access to CMS, so he cannot download the file with all the listed information by himself. Are my suggestions correct?
Do you have some strict rules to deny access to CMS to your customers? CMS would be the better solution.
From the "Wialon" point of view, this information is for administrative usage. CMS is also used for administrative purposes. Monitoring is aimed to give information about actions and current fleet state. Creating a report with IMEI, ID Unit, Creation date, Groups, Custom fields data would mean that we add already available information that contradicts the concept of the Monitoring.

Tatsiana Shmihelskaya
Business Analyst, Gurtam