Topic: Logistics

1. Option to add multiple email addressed under the Client heading in a New Order.

2. Speed index does not adjust departure time, it only adjusts arrival time for routes which defeats the purpose of planning ahead. Is there a work around for this? The only thing I can think about is creating 3 warehouses for a location, one for regular traffic, heavy traffic, low traffic with different unloading times for each to account for it.

3. Here is a scenario: Our client wants to give access to a company so they can see their orders only. The client delivers 5-10 orders to the company a week and the company wants to see tracking during the route progress. The client does not want the company to see tracking details outside of the routes for their orders only. Is this possible?
My suggestion was for the client to create post-activated Locator links for the delivery period for these orders and send it to the company ahead of time. Is there a more automated way to achieve this?



Re: Logistics

Dear Levon levon,

1. Could you please describe what is the necessity behind several e-mail fields in the 'Client' section of the Order screen?

2. Yes, you are right. Speed index is used only for adjusting arrival times at the orders. But if you set this parameter adequately plus use the unloading time parameter for the warehouse, the departure time from the warehouse will eventually become the expected one.

But I guess I missing your point here and not very clear on the expected result. If yes, could you please send an e-mail to mars@gurtam.com with additional information? Then we will see whether it is possible to have other solutions for your task.

3. What you suggested is actual the best existing solution.

I checked whether it is possible to play with access rights to provide your client customer with only viewing orders and current routes, but it won't work, as we do not separate active(current routes) from the fulfilled ones. Whereas as fas as I understand your customer does not want their client to see any information about the route once it is finished.

One more idea here is to create your own one-page interface for this specific task, get orders and active routes by API and display them for your customer and their clients.

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam