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Topic: Security Assistance

Hi Gurtam team,

In light of the the new SECURITY update

I was wondering the following:

Is there a way for us to get notified if a client starts sending many commands at once?

Also, is there a way to know when someone deletes many geofences or units all at once?

We need to be able to act before our clients tells us what’s happening with their users and information.


Security Assistance

Re: Security Assistance

Dear arturo.benitez,

most trackers sends a response message when a command is executed.... you can use this response in notification

simply go to notification >>> choose parameter in message >>> set the parameter value to the response message header for example (text), in teltonika the response is text: *******.>>>>> select the mask which is the response regard the command.

as for geofences you can create a report of user activity type which must be executed manually.

as for the units being deleted, you can control the activity of the user on a unit go to access, units, uncheck the delete unit box.