Unique ID as parameter in notification text

Topic: Unique ID as parameter in notification text


I have came across several cases where users actually would need to receive the Unique_ID as message parameter in the notification text. What I have recommended so far is to write the IMEI as a custom field and use that (since the %CUSTOM_FIELD(*)% is available).

However, this is not the optimal solution since the Unique_ID is a subject to change and will require change in the custom field aswell to be correct. If not the wrong ID will be sent.

I would recommend and appreciate a simple parameter like %UNIQUE_ID% or %IMEI% and perhaps %PHONE_NUMBER%. So that it is possible to receive real time data for IMEI.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this!

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Unique ID as parameter in notification text

Re: Unique ID as parameter in notification text

Dear Mike,
Sorry for a long response and welcome on the forum! Will be happy to see you here more often not only in your topics but also in others too.  Supported by partners requests have higher priority.

You've already said that you have a solution. I agree that it is not optimal. But for now, this may be a compromise.
When we get a request we should prove it has business value for our partners. Now it looks like new tags have a little business value. The situation may change if more partners support your idea and add some cases from real life when such tags help to solve a particular issue.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam