Track Pleayer last update

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Topic: Track Pleayer last update


You recently applied some updates for Track Player. It's still not a good tool in my eyes!
The Track Player application (Application not Tool) is very good application which animate unit's track very smooth and with real movement timeline.
I'm confused while Gurtam has a such great Track Player application why can't do same for Track Player tool.


Track Pleayer last update

Re: Track Pleayer last update

Dear hhamedk, thank you for the feedback.

I want to notice, that new Track Player shows the real movement timeline just like app (screenshot). White spaces on the progress bar show places without messages.

Smooth will depend on track speed anyway, but we are going to try to make it smoother.

If you have some other suggestions, please, share. I'm not sure that we can make a tool as convenient as an app (just because this is not an app), but we will see how we can improve it additionally.

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