new notification functionality

Topic: new notification functionality

hi all

what do you thing of a new functionality that could be added to notifications

we have the sensor value type that depend on a specific sensor value, what if we could make it depend on more than one sensor.

for example i want a notification to popup up if the unit engine was on and the voltage is 7 v.

or engine on with fuel between (5 - 15).

so instead of one sensor we could make the notification depend on 2 or 3 sensors.


new notification functionality

Re: new notification functionality

hasan.ahmed, you can simply create one sensor based on other sensors parameters or create a sensor and define other sensors as it's validator and use this sensor as notification trigger.
Is it the case you are looking for?


new notification functionality

Re: new notification functionality

Yes but this will make things easier , it will skip creating sensors with validator for each car

i can use a single notification with this facility


new notification functionality

Re: new notification functionality

are there any possibility to implement this?


new notification functionality

Re: new notification functionality

Dear hasan.ahmed , I've noted your request. We don't plan it now as there is a way to get such notifications right now. I agree, that this method is more complex then you suggest, but if you set it just once, it will work for years.
Also, we need to see support from other partners. More flags - more complexity. We agree to add complexity if we are sure that this will help a lot to many users.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam

new notification functionality

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Re: new notification functionality

i faced a problem today because i have different devices and each type have certain parameters, a single import of sensors that i created earlier wont be so helpful because the parameters are different.

the sensor name is united for all types of devices, which i can use in notification if this suggestion were implemented,

plus if i successfully do it with sensors and validator as you suggested earlier and i wanted to chance the value range of a certain sensor (in calculation table ) i have to do it all over again.

if it was applied to many types of notifications it will be great.
for example idling with more than one sensor,geofences...etc

so please reconsider my suggestion cause i really need it.


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