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Topic: Map Display

Hi Gurtam team

Why Gurtam came back to an old display on map rather than icons before (see pic attached) ?

The Icons were more contemporary, for me this change is a step back, not a vision of future.

Can you display back icons rather that please ?

Only yesterday I have had 3 comments from unsatisfided customers, only for that !

Thank You

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Map Display

Re: Map Display

We got complaining sometimes that our system is too difficult to use without reading every step in the documentation. Here we wanted to do layer setting unambiguous. The way we chose seems to be the simplest and clear. I agree that icons are right for usability as they are small and brief. But when their meaning is too complex to be displayed in an icon, then we should see all the advantages and disadvantage and choose.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam