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After I read and practice on nimbus application for one of our customers (trains of the Iraqi republic railways), me and the customer have several suggestions which is considered very important.
So kindly read the following suggestions :
1-    adding new route vehicles type called "Trains" besides route taxi, tram, etc.
2-    enable us to select and delete multiple stops
3-    Trains route type should have a correct generated route between the stops along real trains transport lines on the  map, because the route generated for trams and others types are close to roads and if I want to edit them manually to match trains transport lines it will consume a lot time due to many of points between each two stops.
4-    Adding option to edit width of the generated route
5-    Export reports as pdf and not as excel only.
6-    Show label (display name of stop) above the points in line monitoring to enable the observer man to know the stop name without over the mouse on the point because the numbers that appears on monitoring line doesn't mean anything for the user!.
7-    Enable the user to assign a units permanently  to the schedules instead of re-assign them manually after rides completed.

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Suggestions for nimbus

Re: Suggestions for nimbus

Dear Fadi Ramzi!

Thank you very much for your feedback! All your requests were noted, we will consider the possibility to add these features to future releases.
let me comment on them.

2. This feature has been already developed in NimBus v. 1.7.1.
3. I understand your issue. For now i can suggest you to minimize the amount of point by clicking on them. Please take a look at the screenshots.
Suggestions for nimbus
Suggestions for nimbus
4, 7. We are planning to work on these features in future.
6. The thing is that names of stops would probably take a lot of space and the interface would be a mess as the distance between two stops is not so big in the linear scheme. That's why currently you need to hover over the stop to see its name.

Hope you'll get back to us with new suggestions, thank you!

  • Suggestions for nimbus
  • Suggestions for nimbus
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