Feature request on worklist.

Topic: Feature request on worklist.

We would like to request the following feature.

In the worklist to show actual current speed as an individual value next to units.
We have a few clients that has requested this and would like to see the speed of the vehicle at a glance without opening the worklist since with too many vehicles it is difficult seeing the speed of the fleet if all the vehicle's worklists are open.

What will happen if we get this feature
It will be more convenient for clients with large fleets to monitor the speed of the fleet.


Feature request on worklist.

Re: Feature request on worklist.

Hi Gotyou

There are a lot of ways to contol speed in the monitoring panel or on the map.
First of all you can reduce amount of additional information in the work list and you will get one extra line with speed, mileage, engine hours:
Feature request on worklist.
Also you can create custom sensor based on speed parameter and use it's color scheme in the monitoring panel or change the color of motion state icon on the map based on the color scheme of the sensor.

Completely other way is to create notifications with speed control type. This notification also can control speedings violation based on road speed limits. When this notification will trigger the unit can be transfered to a group of units with violations. It will help you to control violations because you will always be noticed of each violation. Also this way will help you to monitor your units because you will not miss any of the violations.

I hope this information will be helpful for you.

Pavel Chabai
Business Analyst, Gurtam