Notification section: Send commands to other (group) devices

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Topic: Notification section: Send commands to other (group) devices

Hello everybody, we are using mobile lone worker devices from the brand Twig (Twig protector protocol). They have a display and it is possible to send an 'On screen message' to devices to use them as a pager. So for our business it would be very helpful if we can send a command to multiple devices at the moment one device user pushes the alarm button by example. Colleagues will be notified within seconds on their own device and can help the person in need.

To make this function optimal working it is important that we can add variable parameters is these messages like beacon information, device names, custom field values and so on. (example %UNIT% or %PARAM_VALUE% or %CUSTOM_FIELD(*)%) 

Maybe this function will also help other Wialon users with their business so I hope we get some support on this idea.

We already discussed it with Andrew from Wialon and he is now investigating the best way to add this function.

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Notification section: Send commands to other (group) devices

Re: Notification section: Send commands to other (group) devices

Hi Secure2Go

As far as I can see, your case is quite uncommon. And also this feature is quite hard to implement.
I hope other partners that are interested in this functionality will also share their cases with us here, so it will help us to better understand the issue and the necessity of such feature.

Btw, for your case, I would recommend using a brand new type of action of notifications - notifications to Telegram. So everyone that has to be notified can be simply added to the channel and that's it. This feature will be released next week.

Pavel Chabai
Business Analyst, Gurtam