Feature Request: Multiple Event Report Layers

Topic: Feature Request: Multiple Event Report Layers

Currently, the gurtam system can only show events reporting for one specific criteria such as a particular day, group of days or a particular unit or group of units.     We end up with blue flags and whatever passive color is set in the unit's settings.

That works, but it is VERY limited.

We need to be able to see when a unit or group of units is tracking in the same area multiple times, for example, checking today's tracking against previous days tracking.     We call tracking twice at the same addresses "Double Delivery".     

With the system currently, we have to open a second Gurtam window so one can show today's tracking and the other can show all other day's tracking.  Multiple this by the 10 to 15 separate projects we may be watching and you now have 30 windows open to monitor and is not efficient.

We have played with adding tracking in, but because the system cannot add tracking for a group, we have to add up to 45 units manually to have them as an underlay to the events report for today's tracking.   This is not efficient either.

As a result we are having to export the data and use a mapping program to review for any potential double deliveries.   We have to do this twice an hour per project

Having the ability to run one event tracking report for "Today" showing blue flags and a second report showing "other days" or other units or groups as red would be HUGE.

I have attached a picture of what we have to do in MapInfo Professional after exporting the data from Gurtam.   We have two layers of Active Events for different days- One green, one blue as well as two layers for passive messages, one orange and one dark yellow.  With this we can see if we have any locations that may have been double delivered.

Thank you.


Feature Request: Multiple Event Report Layers

Re: Feature Request: Multiple Event Report Layers

mhirsch, there is no picture attached. Try once more (first  Browse, then Add file).

As I understand, you have a fleet. The task is to find track crossing between two days for every vehicle.
Could you explain the sense of it, how you use this information further?

From your suggestions for developing I can notice adding an option to build a track for a whole group on Track tab. It is possible to develop. But this feature won't help in you much. You'll have much manual work left.

I think you'd better try to find a way to make it automatically.
Maybe you can think about a script that creates track-geofences at the end of the day for every unit and notifications, that would control entering vehicle into this geofence next day. So you'd get a result table on all vehicles at the end of the day without any manual work.
What do you think?

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam

Feature Request: Multiple Event Report Layers

Re: Feature Request: Multiple Event Report Layers

Let me explain.    We use the system to monitor advertising deliveries to homes.    This feature would make sure that we are not delivering to the same home multiple times.    Our delivery projects can go multiple days in the same area being covered by multiple separate crews.  These crews are made up of delivery walkers that may work one day and not the next.   As a result there is a lot of potential for crews delivering to the same homes by mistake.
We use the system to live monitor the crews progress to make sure this does not happen.  At least once an hour we run event reporting to see the active SOS clicks signaling delivery and the passive tracking (all raw messages) coming from the units to monitor where the crews are working and to ensure they are not skipping homes or double delivering by mistake.

In order to make sure we are not double delivering, right now, we have to run the events report to see the flags and passive trails for today's delivery and screenshot it,  then run it again for the whole project's date range up to the current day.  We then compare the two events reports to see if they are overlapping.      Having a second set of events reports show on the map would allow us to see everything much faster and in two different colors.  (blue flags for today and perhaps red for past days.)

Yes, we are able to export out the data and open it in Mapinfo, to compare, but for as many separate projects and crews, we would end up exporting to Mapinfo up to 15 times an hour.     I've attached a screen shot from Mapinfo showing two separate days tracking in different colors.   The blue and teal dots are active SOS clicks.   The orange and green dots are the messages from the units.   You can see in the image they come very close to delivering to the same locations, but due to good supervision do not do so.

This may be something that would be better discussing as a conference call.   Liana and I have spoken about it so she may be able to help answer questions as well.

  • Feature Request:  Multiple Event Report Layers

Feature Request: Multiple Event Report Layers

Re: Feature Request: Multiple Event Report Layers

Hi tata, in other words, Matthew (@mhirsh) is trying to request the following:

- the ability to run a report showing the delivery (events by means of clicking the alarm button on the device) of crew A on different days, e.g. 1/24 vs. 1/25, to compare the delivery of printed ads and make sure there was no overlap, because one ad cannot be delivered twice to the same house;

- the ability to run a report  showing the delivery (events) of crews A and B on the same day to compare the delivery of printed ads and make sure there was no overlap between the deliveries of 2 crews.

Please let me know if you have any questions.