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Topic: Wiachat behaviour / Chat

hi dear Gurtam Team,

i had the request of a potential customer that asked "can i chat with my drivers, if, i need to see when message was read".

So i installed Wiachat (on Android) and Logistics on IOS and pleayed with message in Logistics and Wiachat app...

If i send a message from mobile device to Wialon it works (also i can not see if message was send and or received and or read...)
But if i send a message from Wialon (Logistics or Wiachat) they do not arrive. Only if i restart the app.
Seems to me that you use some kind of pulling messages (which does not work on my setup) and not OS Push-Notification System.

What i am doing wrong?


P.S. in the Wiachat app i can choose "send sms" and can enable and disable it. But how to understand if its enabled or disabled? In one direction the screen goes blue and in other direction it goes green... how do i understand what means what?

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Wiachat behaviour / Chat

Re: Wiachat behaviour / Chat

Let me explain, how push notifications work. When the messages are sent from Logistics App (web), they are only displayed in Logistics Mobile. The same with WiaChat: the messages sent from WiaChat (web application) are only displayed in WiaChat (mobile) only on the device, from which the last login was made. This means that if there were several logins in WiaChat mobile from different devices, the push notification will only be displayed on the device from which the last login was made. We have introduced several changes. Please, check if everything works well.