Speeding Notification - Tolerance in percentage

Topic: Speeding Notification - Tolerance in percentage

We greatly appreciate Gurtam completing the new Notification for Speedings based off of road speed limits. However, we would like to request added functionality for this.

We would like to have the speeding tolerance customizable by percentage as well and set set limits.
e.g. Set speeding from a tolerance of 10 mph to 25 %, 50%, 10% etc.

Many people drive various speeds on highways, e.g. 80mph on a 65mph road, however not many people would drive 40mph in a 25mph school zone.

We have had organizations explain to us in the past that they do not care if a driving is going 10mph over the limit on a highway, where the speed limit can fluctuate from 65mph-70mph, however they do care if a driver in their truck for instance is driving 35mph in a 25mph zone, residential/school zone.

We do not have an estimated profit or loss, however, we do know that companies have asked about this numerous times in the past. With this added functionality for real-time alerts based off of road speed limits, and if we could have this added for percentage, it would give an even greater edge to the system.


Speeding Notification - Tolerance in percentage

Re: Speeding Notification - Tolerance in percentage

fleettracker3, thanks for your feedback. Hope the speed limit data is good in your region and you'll get a benefit from this notification.

The solution to add a percentage for tolerance looks like an easy solution for us, but not convenient for users. It is not easy and sometimes impossible to calculate a percent if you know the exact limits for different types of roads.

E.g. in Belarus we use a scale for scoring as it was set by government and police. Less then 10km/h is ok and we may skip it. Between 10 and 20 should be controlled, but it is not serious. And so on. And it doesn't depend on a place where violence was detected. And this kind of notifications can be used to prevent penalties.

But you may use it for another purpose. Then you need another solution. Maybe adding geofence filtration will be a better solution to separate notifications in cities and out of them.

So let's start with clarification the way we would like to use a result of notifications. Can you share this information?

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam