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Dear Partners and Gurtam team,

We got a big customer with 1500 vehicles (and the volume grow up every month) and we analyze datas from CanBUS.

When we (or the customer) call the report to be executed or create a job to send the report by email, the limitations prevent us to execute reports correctly or the job, even if we ask the report for a single day !

For exemple, if we need to receive the reports with KPIS monthly, at this time it's impossible to create a proper job or execute a live report because of limits imposed by Wialon.

it's really urgent that Gurtam can change the limit rules for big customers, even if we need to create a special billing plan or something.

Have other partners already had this case?

Thank You


About Limitations

Re: About Limitations

Hi Road-Link

Can you please send me an example of an account with this amount of units and a report name in that account that you want to execute? Also, what data do you need from this report exactly? And what type of limits are you facing the most, is it time limitations or your report gets cropped because of limit for a number of rows?

This additional information will help us to define the possible solutions for your issue.

Also, did you tried to split those units into several groups and use different jobs to execute a report for each of these groups of units?

And btw, recently we have increased the limit for a number of rows in one report from 100 thousand to 250 thousand.

Pavel Chabai
Business Analyst, Gurtam