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is it possible to have a report that would show, getting info from tacho times, the hours still possible to drive till next rest. ¿?


imagine 300 trucks account and dispatcher must assign a load to go to 1000 km far, If I get the listed truck from the "most hours possible to make" to the "no hours left" I would be able to choose which truck.


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Tacho info times

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At the moment, such a report can not be built. We will take into account your wishes in the further design and improvement of the tachograph direction.

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Evgeny Shatilo
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Tacho info times

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Pablo and we are thinking about a nessessary enhancement of the tacho eco-system:
Its required to let each driver sign once per month a list with "wrong behaviours" like "not enough pause, to long driving" etc. (Violation report)
At the moment we have a report that shows the violations, but all violation reports i have seen have always the exact list for every day, how much pause, how much driving and how much short pauses (in the correct order) have been made. This is mandantory as driver must be able to understand WHY he violated the rules.
The second request is to have this kind of report automaticaly for each driver created and it should be possible to download them as a zip file or so.
(Imagine you have hundreds of drivers and must do this manualy every month)

So here comes the question: Is it possible for you guys to enhance the App in a way that the app creates a report with vialoations (and some explemantion why this was a violation)...


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Tacho info times

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Hi Guys, this is a good topic and one i am keen to see get some traction .. i have just raised my own very similar post as well with ref to the lack of reports that we can offer from the tacho viewer , customers are legally required to give memos to drivers if they have any driving time offences and at present this is a weakness on the tacho viewer

can this be looked at urgently for a software update please