Tacho download automatic solution.(Tacho hotel)

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Topic: Tacho download automatic solution.(Tacho hotel)

Hello Gurtam developers.

Here are few ideas regarding Tacho solution.

Let’s say we set under „Job“ 28 days to download driver card data. Now imagine the 28-th day is Saturday or Sunday. The truck dose not move and GPRS command won’t reach to GPS device. The truck is in repair for a week.
The truck driver has his rest and so on and so on. The command is
pointless when device has no connection to wialon server - it simply
won’t reach to GPS device - and download won’t start.

I wanted to post that to your forum but did not find that subject so I started new.

The solution is to check speed. For example if we set DDD download for 28
day period and on that date time there is no movement then job should
wait until the truck speed is like 50 km/h and send the download
command then, because then GPS device has connection with wialon server.

We read your latest implementations here:

So currently we have situation when download did not happen we can’t
check it did it happen or not - did we receive the full file or download
was interrupted.

We constantly have to do it manually and as volume grows we need better
solution for example Ruptela offered their solution

https://doc.ruptela.lt/display/AB/Autom … e+download

In your system we currently writing everything to excel and check
manually wen the next download date is so we will sent the command
again manually when truck is driving - pretty time consuming. Especially
considering that many companies have the automatic DDD file download
option like Mapon, Ruptela and Fleetgo.

Currently volume is 20 company cards and that solution needs 100% automatic download solution from your side.

We see that currently we can run the” Job” command let’s say every day
10:00 and hope that truck is driving and the file is downloaded - fingers
cross option. That’s one way to go but still no information when the last
download happened, did the file download ended successfully or was

Hope that you can give as a hand and together we can develop tacho
hotel project for wialon.
If odder companies have developed tacho hotels and automatic DDD file download solution then that’s clear indication that they see future demand for such solution. I’m really sorry that Wialon currently dosent see what competitors are seeing.

One time development and life time customers wink
If your company needs the same solution then please add your post here. If you have better suggestions or you currently running tacho hotel then leave comments here so developers will see what our customers needs are.


Tacho download automatic solution.(Tacho hotel)

Re: Tacho download automatic solution.(Tacho hotel)

you use the wrong HW :-))

With BCE Tacho you set the device to send every 28 days (if you want, we set it to 1 day :-)) and device sends automatically all files once per day to the Wialon Server. Traffic is round about 25 Megs per month.

Also the Data has always many months of time inside each file, so even if you let it send only every 2 weeks or so you will be always fine.


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