Additional Coordinate System

Topic: Additional Coordinate System

Good Day Partners!

As more and more customers (mines, customers work in forests and deserts, customers work in non-urban environments, military, security companies, ngo) are asking for the coordinate types on Wialon. May we suggest/request if you could add these coordinate system on Wialon. Users may opt to used the coordinate format they would like to show on the monitoring page.

Decimal:29.275350, 47.971560
DM:N 29°16.521', E 47°58.294'
DMS:N 29°16'31.26", E 47°58'17.62"
UTM:38R, 788727, 3242156


Additional Coordinate System

Re: Additional Coordinate System

Good day

Six months ago we added MGRS coordinates and map grid to Wialon. So one coordinate type from your list is available now.
Before we did it, we were informed, that there are problems with our product extension in some countries because of MGRS absence. Since we added this function, only nine users started to use MGRS.
This experience shows that such functionality is poor demanded by Wialon users.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam