Unsuccesful login report

Topic: Unsuccesful login report

Dear GT

As I know there is not possibility in system to execute a report on unsuccessful logins to system. Would you please add this to report module? We need it in Users' log report and it would be more convenient if we can group report by Login Type (successful/successful).


Unsuccesful login report

Re: Unsuccesful login report

Dear Hamed!

For any new feature, we should know more about its profits. So I'd ask you to explain how you'd use information about unsuccessful logins.

Before we go any further I'll notice, that this task is tricky from the technical side. Before a user is logged in, we cannot write into his log any data. So we cannot bind unsuccessful logins to a user as he is not logged in yet.

Tatsiana Shmihelskaya
Business Analyst, Gurtam