Thefts while FLS is disconnected

Topic: Thefts while FLS is disconnected


I am having problem with one of my unit in which fuel level senor is installed in the genset.The clever Genset operator first disconnect the fuel sensor from the tracking device then had done theft after that on the next day,he again reconnect the sensor,but the problem is that the wialon not showing the fuel theft in report but it showing in the fuel graph and i have also play with the settings but still it no showing the fuel theft.

So is there any possible way to get this fuel theft in the report.??

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Thefts while FLS is disconnected

Re: Thefts while FLS is disconnected


As I understand genset is a stationary unit, that is why you should use time based algorithm to detect thefts. To do it activate options "Time-based calculation of fillings", "Time-based calculation of thefts" and "Time-based calculation of fuel consumption" on tab "Fuel Consumption". Also you should set correct value of parameter "Consumption, l/h" in ignition sensor's settings.

If my recommendation won't help you, then send more details to support@gurtam.com: name of user, name and ID of unit, time interval with mentioned not detected thefts.

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Thefts while FLS is disconnected

Re: Thefts while FLS is disconnected

wich kind of sensor is it? in most cases you can do a feedback line (analog or digital) to the tracker in order to inform sensor's desconnection

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