Notification for parameter in msgs ( multiple parameters).

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Topic: Notification for parameter in msgs ( multiple parameters).

- Notification->parameter in the msg->ability to send multiple parameters in a single notification. It will useful in case of video messages ( where mltiple video url ) need to be sent under single msg.
-So if bus / taxi / truck has more than one camera installed , we can send all urls for an event using single notification

-another example lets say harsh breaking take place and there are 5 camera installed in the bus. Currently 5 notification will get generate for one event and if we are sending this by email...fleet owner will get 5 emails at one time for a single event. We would like to suggest if event_type==harsh breaking ...send one notification ( lets say by email ..in that case email will have a msg with all the 5 camera urls...so camera 1: url_1 , camera 2:url_2  , photos etc. as selected during notification parameters settings)